Monday, 19 October 2009

The First Glasgow Umbrella.

"DR. JAMIESON was the first person who introduced the
umbrella into Glasgow: this was in the year 1782. He
brought it from Paris, and when he commenced unfurling it
on our streets, crowds of people followed him in amazement
at the spectacle.
". About the year 1786 an attempt was made to manu-
- facture umbrellas by Mr. John Gardner, father of the
present Mr. Gardner, optician.

"‘I have had in my hands,’ writes ‘Senex,’ "the first
umbrella that was ever made in Glasgow. It was indeed a
very clumsy article. The cloth was heavy oil or wax-
glazed linen, and the ribs were formed of Indian cane, such
as shortly before this time ladies were accustomed to use as
hoops to extend their petticoats. The handle was massy
and strong, and altogether it was a load to carry.’

" Mr. Gardner was obliged to give up his manufacture, as
the Manchester people had been able to make a lighter
article, and at a cheaper price."

Extract from:The Anecdotage of Glasgow, (first edition)
by Robert Alison, 1892.The entire book is being
digitised (over the coming winter)
for the benefit of our members.We have approx
200, 19th Century(Scottish)Historical books ,100 of
which ,have already been digitised.

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