Sunday, 18 October 2009

Scottish Postcards

Although picture postcards had been popular for
years in other countries, their production in Britain
was retarded by the insistence ofthe Post Office
that only the official plain postcards could pass
through the posts for a halfpenny. Privately printed
postcards were charged postage at the letter rate
of one penny. In September 1894 the Post Office
removed this restriction by fixing the postage on
all types of postcards at the same halfpenny rate.

The first commercially produced postcards to show
views of Scotland were placed on sale a few weeks
later by an Edinburgh firmof printers, George
Stewart and Co., and during the early years of the
new century many other firms, including Valentine
and Sons Ltd., of Dundee, and Millar and Lang Ltd.,
of Glasgow, were publishing picture postcard views.
These made cheap and appropriate souvenirs
of cycle rides as well as of railway day-excursions
and summer holidays. Soon almost every stationer,
newsagent and tobacconist inthe kingdom was
offering a selection of local views, and almost every
middle-class home had its picture~postcard album
sharing, with the Bible and the aspidistra, the table
in the front-room window.

Estimates place the number of picture postcards
then being sold in Britain at about ten million every
week, and it was not until the First World War
brought disruption of social life and an increase in
postage rates that the flood began to subside. The
impression of Scotland left by the picture postcards
in an Edwardian album is of a pleasant, peaceful
land. The photographer seldom made his studies in
the slums of Scottish cities and his camera best
recorded the sunlit countryside, the lochs, mountains
and tranquil villages on summer

Scotfamtree has a vast collection of Scottish
postcards(around 8000),some have been posted
on our forum on a daily basis.

Any member wishing to find a Victorian/Edwardian
scene of the  area in which their ancestors lived,can
contact me via the forum,and I'll do my best to find
an image for them.

We also have put together some Postcard
collections on disc.
These are for sale in our wee shop.

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