Friday, 20 November 2009

Coaching and the Post Office in olden Times (5)end.

"If one of the now expected vacancies in the
Court of Session were an object of your Lordship, and that
last week you had committed to the Post Office the trans-
mission of a letter or packet by express to your friend in
London upon that subject, could you in such a case approve
of the pursuers being obliged to discover your Lordship’s
secret and confidential affairs?" The Sheriff, however,
not with standing of this personal appeal, remained firm, and
assoilzied the defenders and found them entitled to expenses.
Upon this Mr. Jackson thought proper to present a bill of
advocation, which, having been passed, came, in course of
the rolls, before the Lord Ordinary, who, upon advising the
memorials, made avizandum with the cause to their Lord-
ships. The Court of Session confirmed the interlocutor of
the Sheriff, and thus an end was put to the system in
Glasgow of the Post Office sending off private expresses
under the cloak of the Post Office seal, and under the
pretence of their being sent on Government business.

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