Friday, 27 November 2009

Fishing-East Coast

At the beginning of the Twentieth century, Scottish
fishing boats could be powered in one of three
ways. There was the traditional wind and muscle,
steam and the internal combustion engine had
recently been introduced.

At this time, many Scottish fishing boats were
still powered by sails. They were divided into
three main types: scaffies, zulus and fifies.This
photograph shows boats in Arbroath Harbour
around 1910. They are mainly small and powered
by sail. This type of vessel, with a nearly vertical
stem and stern was known as a fifie. The smaller
vessels of this type were known as baldies.There
has been fishing in Arbroath for centuries. The
industry increased in importance in the 1830s,
when fishing families moved from Auchmithie for
the better harbour facilities at Arbroath.

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