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...descent, but there seems to be no proof of this, and
no other notice of Simon is known.
ALAN, son of Walter, and second High Stewart of
Scotland, is supposed to have accompanied Richard Cceur
de Lion to the Crusades. He is said to have married Eva,
daughter of Swan, son of Thor, Lord of Tippermuir and
Tranent, but this seems to be founded on a mistaken reading
by Duncan Stewart of a charter in the Register of
Scone.* He died in 1204, leaving at least two sons :
1. David, who appears as a guarantor of King Alexander's
engagement to marry the Princess of England ; and
2. WALTER, who succeeded his father as High Stewart.
WALTER, third High Stewart, was the first to adopt the
name of his office as a surname. He was appointed
Justiciar of Scotland by Alexander n. in 1230, and negotiated
that king's second marriage. He is said by Duncan
Stewart to have married Beatrix, daughter of Gilchrist,
Earl of Angus, but no proof has been found of this, and
he died in 1241 ,**
leaving issue :
1. ALEXANDER, his successor.
2. John, killed at Damietta 1249.
3. Walter, married Mary, younger daughter of Maurice,
Earl of Menteith, and became Earl of Menteith
(see that title). He appears to have died soon after
13 June 1292, leaving two sons :
(1) Alexander, his successor in the earldom, whose representation
ultimately merged in the Ducal House of Albany by the
marriage of his great-granddaughter to Robert Stewart,
Duke of Albany.
(2) Sir John, who was ancestor of the Menteiths of Rusky and
4. Euphemia, married Patrick, sixth Earl of Dunbar.
5. Margaret, who is said to have been married to Nigel
or Neil of Galloway, Earl of Carrick.
6. Elizabeth, or according to others, Beatrix, stated to
have been married to Maldouen, Earl of Lennox.
7. Sir Robert Stewart of Tarbolton and Cruxton is said
to have been a son of this Stewart.
So also is William de Ruthven, ancestor of the......

* Liber de Scon, No. 125. The person referred to being
Alan, son of Walter Ruthven. Cf. the charter cited, and
the Chartulary of Lindores,
Scot. Hist. Soc. Ed. 30, 244.
** Chron. de Mailros, 151.

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