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....Malcolm Ceannmor married, secondly, at Dunfermline
1068-9, Margaret (St. Margaret of Scotland), daughter of
Edward AEtheling. By her, who died 16 November 1093, at
Edinburgh Castle, and was buried at Dunfermline, he had :

1. Edward, wounded with his father at Alnwick, and died
near Jedburgh 16 November 1093.
2. Edmund, Prince of Cumbria and afterwards a monk ;
he died at Montague in Somersetshire.
3. Ethelred, Earl of Fife, and Abbot of Dunkeld buried
at Kilrimont.
4. EDGAR, afterwards king.
5. ALEXANDER, afterwards king, as Alexander I.
6. DAVID, afterwards king.
7. Matilda the good Queen Maud was married to
Henry I. of England, 11 November 1100, and died 1
May 1118 leaving a daughter Matilda, who was
married, first, to the Emperor Henry v., and second,
to Geoffrey Plantagenet, by whom she had a son,
Henry II. of England.
8. Mary, was married in 1102 to Eustace, Count of
Boulogne, and died 31 May 1116, leaving a daughter,
Matilda, who was married to Stephen, King of

DONALD ' BANE ' succeeded his brother Malcolm,
but after six months was deposed by his nephew
Duncan, the eldest son of Malcolm III, in May 1094.

DUNCAN II. born circa 1060; he also reigned only six......

More to follow........

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