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(7) Marjory, possibly a daughter, as Robert de Pinkeny, one of
the Competitors, claimed to be her great-grandson in 1291,
but her position is uncertain.

MALCOLM iv. 'the Maiden,' born 20 March 1141-2,
succeeded his grandfather 1153 : died unmarried, at the age of
twenty-three, at Jedburgh 9 December 1165. He had a
natural son, name unknown, in whose memory he granted
the right of sanctuary to the church of Innerleithen.

WILLIAM ' the Lion ' succeeded his brother : married 5
September 1186 at Woodstock, Ermengarde, daughter of
Richard, Vicecomes de Bellomonte: died at Stirling 4
December 1214, and was buried at Arbroath. By his wife,
who died 11 February 1233-4 and was buried at Balmerino,
he had :
1. ALEXANDER, afterwards king.
2. Margaret, was married, at York in 1221, to Hubert de
Burgh, Justiciar of England and Ireland.
3. Isabella, was married to Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk,
and died s. p.
4. Marjory, was married, at Berwick 1 August 1235, to
Gilbert, Earl of Pembroke. She died s. p. 17 November
1244, and was buried in London.

King William had several illegitimate children :
1. Robert de London.
2. Henry Galightly, whose son Patrick Galightly was a
Competitor in 1291.
3. Isabella, whose mother was a daughter of Robert
Avenel ; married, first, in 1183, to Robert de Brus, and
second, in 1191 to Robert de Ros. Her great-grandson
William de Ros was a Competitor in 1291.
4. Ada, was married in 1184 to Patrick de Dunbar, fifth
Earl of Dunbar ; she died in 1200. Her great-grandson
Patrick de Dunbar was a Competitor in 1291.
5. Margaret, whose mother was a daughter of Adam de
Hythus, was married to Eustace de Vesci. Her
grandson William de Vesci was a Competitor in 1291.
6. Aufrica, was married to William de Say. Her greatgrandson
Roger de Mandeville was a Competitor in

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