Saturday, 21 November 2009

Shut yer geggie !!

It used to be quite common in Glasgow to be told
''shut your geggie'' instead of ''shut your mouth ''.

Geggies or more usually penny geggies,were portable
theatres made of wood and canvas which performed
rough and ready versions of Shakespeare,melodrama
and Scottish plays-admission one penny.They were part
of the popular entertainment of Glasgow for much of
the 19th century and were erected where ever there was
space in the Town centre.The most famous,Mumford's,
founded in 1835 by a drunken Englishman,which stood
at the corner of Saltmarket and Greendyke street.

It wasn't really a geggie at all as it was permanent


  1. When I was a wee girl, my dad used to make my brother go-carts made out of old bike tyres and crates, and we always called it a 'geggie'?? But no one seems to know of this term?

  2. Aye ,I remember this DG,we also called them ''boaggies''.