Saturday, 3 April 2010


The later years of the Romans, who abandoned Britain
in 410, were perturbed by attacks of the Scoti (Scots)
from Ireland, and it is to a settlement in Argyll of
"Dalriadic" Scots from Ireland about 500 A.D.
that our country owes the name of Scotland.

Rome has left traces of her presence on Scottish
soil--vestiges of the forts and vallum wall between
the firths; a station rich in antiquities under the Eildons
at Newstead; another, Ardoch, near Sheriffmuir; a third
near Solway Moss (Birrenswark); and others less
extensive, with some roads extending towards the
Moray Firth; and a villa at Musselburgh,
found in the reign of James VI.

chapter 2 to folow.

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