Thursday, 6 October 2011



  1. Wish they'd get their finger out

  2. ....latest update:

    ''Oh don't worry guys, nothing is lost, they are copying all the info and then converting and transferring it to the new platform....... until it actually works on the new platform, nothing will be deleted on the original server so all the info is still there......

    The reason why the forums are off line for now, is that while it is all being done, there is no new info added cause that would be then lost (cause if you post something after the forum has been copied that new info wouldn't be copied onto the new place)

    Seeing as these are the first two servers they are converting, if they run into unforeseen difficulties, they have to work to resolve them and that takes time, with all consequent servers they will know exactly what to expect so the downtime probably will be much shorter.

    I am really sorry for all the inconvenience this is causing you but don't worry, nothing will be lost.

    I'd just like to ask you to be patient. I know this all is frustrating, it is extremely frustrating for me too just to read this all, cause I feel for you guys, but this is something that has to be done.