Monday, 26 October 2009

Scottish Banking(part 13) Paisley only the year previous, having
commenced there on 1st October 1783. Up till
 that time all the The banking business of Paisley
 was transacted in Glasgow.

The next private bank which placed a branch in
Glasgow was Messrs. Dunlop, Houston, Gammell,&
Co.,bankers in Greenock,better known as the
 " Greenock Bank." They did so on Thursday, 28th
 July 1785. The bank commenced in Greenock on
 the previous Monday.

The Greenock Bank transacted a large business.
Besides Glasgow, they had branches at Rothesay,
Lochgilphead, etc., and an extensive and influential
connection with the West Highlands. They had also
a large circulation in Cumberland, Westmorland, and
the Isle of Man, and for many years were the Govern-
ment bank in Greenock, for receiving and remitting
to London the customs and other branches of the
public revenue.

On Sunday, 9th March 1828, the bank was robbed
of £28,350 by English thieves. One of them, named
Henry Saunders, was tried, but acquitted in September
following. Most of the money stolen was, however,
recovered afterwards.

(£28,350-TODAY = £2,310,000)

More to follow............

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