Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Scottish Banking(part 14)

The bank existed fifty-eight years—namely, from
1785 till 1843. At this latter date the partners were
Messrs. John Scott, shipbuilder, Greenock;
Charles C. Scott of Hawkhill, near Largs;
Jas. Hunter of Halton,Dunoon ; Wm. Smith of
Fullwood, merchant, Liverpool; Alexander Thomson
and John Thomson, bankers, Greenock.
 In November 1843 these partners disposed
of their whole interest in the bank to the
 Western Bank, for a large consideration. The
 Glasgow Branch was then closed, and the Greenock
 Bank ceased to exist as an independent
establishment, although the old name was retained
 by the- purchasers fourteen years longer as a
 branch of their own in Greenock.
This was the last private bank in Scotland.

The third bank which sent a branch to Glasgow
was the Paisley Union. This bank was established at
Paisley in May 1788.

In 1789 a branch was opened in Glasgow. The first
office was in a flat up two stairs at No. 17 High Street.
The first agent was Mr. James Elliot Henderson of
Enoch Bank, one of the partners.

In 1802 Mr. Andrew Templeton became the agent,
and continued so twenty-seven years. When Mr.
Templeton joined the Paisley Union, the bank office
was at 17 Glassford Street; but in 1805 it was removed
to the low floor of the tenement at the north—east
corner of Hutcheson and Ingram Streets, entering from
the latter. There it remained till the last.

During Mr. Templeton's agency of the Paisley Un-
ion the office in Ingram Street was robbed by three
noted London thieves. It made a great noise at the
time. The robbery took place early in the morning of
Sunday, 14th July 1811, and the amount stolen was
£20,000. With this large sum the thieves got clear off
to London in a post-chaise and four. The Bow Street
officers recovered £12,000 shortly after through the
medium of a London boxer, who acted as
 middle-man between them and the robbers,
 but only a portion............

(£20,000 - TODAY = £1,211,000.00)
more to follow..............

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