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as Sheriff of Shropshire and otherwise from 1101 onwards.
He founded Sporle Priory in Norfolk as a cell of St. Saumur
in Brittany before 1122, and further proof of his Brittany
connection is afforded by the lives of his descendants.
He married Avelina de Hesding, by whom he left three
sons :

1. Jordan, who inherited the family estates and office of
Senescal of Dol in Brittany and the lands of Burton,
Tuxford, Warsop, etc., in England.
He appears in the English Pipe Rolls as a landowner
in Lincolnshire 1129-30, and in 1130 in an
agreement with the Abbot of Marmoutier in
Brittany.He is there styled
' a valiant and illustrious man,'
and his wife is named Mary. He left two sons :

(1) Jordan, ' the son of Jordan the son of Alan,' who
restored to the church of Sele
(a cell of St. Florent de Saumur), the mill at Burton
which the monks had enjoyed in the time of ' Alani
 filii Flaaldi ' and of ' Jordani patris mei.' He appears
to have died s. p.
(2) Alan, who succeeded his brother Jordan, and who with his
wife Joan confirmed to the Priory of Marmoutier a grant by
his grandfather Alan Fitz-Flaald of the title of the lands of
Burton. He also figures in the Brittany records as ' Alanum
filium quondam Jordani, Dolensem Senescallum,' and in a
Bull of Pope Alexander III. he figures as Alan 'a noble
man, Senescal of Dol, son of Jordan deceased,' granting
to the Abbey of Tiron all his rights in the Church of
Tronchet, etc., and the Churches of Sharrington, Tuxford,
and Warsop in England.
By his wife Joan he left a son and two daughters :
i. Jordan, who died s. p.
ii. Olive, who appears as owner of Sharrington in
England in 1227.
iii. Alicia, who was married to William Spina, son of
Hamo, and appears in the Brittany records as
in possession of the lands and office at Dol.

2. William Fitz-Alan, Lord of Oswestrie in Shropshire.
He was ancestor of the English house of Fitz-Alan.
His grandson John Fitz-Alan married Isabel, second
daughter of William, third Earl of Arundel, by
which marriage the honours of Arundel came to
his descendants.
3. Walter, the son of Alan,' appears in the English
'Liber Niger Scaccarii,' about 1154, as vassal of.....

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