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...of upwards of 41 years on 22nd February 1370-1,
and was buried at Holyrood. It may be noted that the
charters granted by him after 6 June 1352 are dated
 one regnal year short of their true date. He married,
 first, when in his fifth year, on 17 July 1328, Joanna,
daughter of Edward II. of England ; she died 14
August 1362.
He married, secondly, about 20 February 1363-4, Margaret,
daughter of Sir Malcolm Drummond, and widow of Sir John
Logie of that Ilk. The king divorced her about 20 March
1369-70, but she obtained a reversal of this decision from
the Pope at Avignon. She died after January 1374-5.

David II. left no issue by either wife, and was succeeded
by his nephew ROBERT, High Steward of Scotland, and son
of his half-sister Marjory Bruce.


The traditional account of the descent of the family
of Stewart from Banquo, Thane of Lochaber, and
through him from the ancient kings of Scotland,
is now generally discredited.
The research of recent years makes it more certain
 that the Stewarts or Stuarts are of Breton origin,
descended from a family which held the office of
Senescal or Steward of Dol, under the Counts of
 Dol and Dinan, in Brittany
(to whom it is supposed they were related) in the
eleventh century.*

In the Chartulary of the Abbey of St. Florent we find
in 1080 and again in 1086 ' Alanus Senescallus ' or
' Alanus Dapifer Dolensis,' witnessing grants of land
 to the Abbey, of which he was himself a benefactor,
as is proved by a deed (ante 1080), to which his brother
Fledaldus consents, granting to the Abbey a site for a
church. From another deed it appears he had a third
brother Rivallon, who entered into religion as a monk
at Mezuoit. Alan the Senescal engaged in the crusade
of 1097, and died apparently without issue. The lands
 and office of Senescal of Dol reverted to Fledaldus
 or Flaald, who had a son :

Alan, who appears to have accompanied Henry I. to
England. Alan Fitz-Flaald appears in the English

* See Round's Origin of the Stewarts ; Domesday
 Tenants of Gloucestershire,ETC

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