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1. Marjorie, who was married to Walter, High Steward
of Scotland. She died 2 March 1215-16, leaving one
son, who eventually became king as Robert II.
King Robert married, secondly, in 1302, Elizabeth,daughter
 of Richard de Burgh, Earl of Ulster, who died at
Cullen 26 October 1327, and was buried at Dunfermline, by
whom he had :

2. Matilda, married to ' a certain squire' Thomas Isaac.
She died 20 July 1353, and was buried in Dunfermline,
leaving two daughters :
(1) Joanna, married to John, Lord of Lorn.
(2) Catherine, d. s. p.

3. Margaret, who was married in 1343 to William, Earl of
Sutherland (see that title), and died some time before
November 1547.**
4. DAVID, afterwards king.
5. John, died in childhood.
King Robert had several illegitimate children :
1. Sir Robert, killed at Dupplin 12 August 1332.***
2. Nigel of Carrick, killed at the battle of Durham 17
October 1346.
3. Margaret, who was married to Robert Glen, and was
alive 29 February 1363-4.
4. Elizabeth, who was married, before 1365, to Sir Walter
Oliphant of Aberdalgie.
5. Christian of Carrick.

DAVID II. Born at Dunfermline 5 March 1323-4 ; crowned
24 November 1331 ; went to France in 1334 where he and
his queen remained for seven years, returning in 1341.
Taken captive by the English at the battle of Durham 17
October 1346, he was a prisoner in England for eleven
years, regaining his liberty in 1357. He died after a reign...

* She is also called Matilda in a warrant by Edward I.
13 October 1296, Cal. of Docs., ii. 850. ** Reg. Papal
Letters, III. 68, 264. *** In Scottish Kings a Walter of
Odistoun is erroneously inserted after Robert owing to
a mistake in the preface to the Exchequer Rolls, vol.

i., cxxix., note 8.He was not a son of King Robert.
Cf. Scottish Antiquary, xiv. 147.

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